The goal our Company wants to meet is “The best product at the lowest price”, by using raw materials of undeniable value such as 18/10 Stainless Steel.


Our production range consists of two different categories:


Articles for the KITCHEN: Dish Drainers and Home Hold Accessories


Articles for the BATH: stainless steel Shower Enclosures and Bath Accessories


The care we put in manufacturing our products exalts a fine design and a beautiful combination between “mesh and plate” in stainless steel of the highest quality.


Objects we create are everlasting guaranteed and the rustproof heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel they are crafted from makes them corrosion-resistant.


Functionality - studied with great skill and attention - represents a further property of our production, but also elegance is an aspect we never disregard and this makes our articles something really nice to look at. Any item is the one of a complete line, the fruit of a perfect blending among different components.


Another remarkable merit of our products is a "very interesting price".

Even though high-grade stainless steel only is employed, thanks to a wise company policy we manage to keep our production costs contained enough such as to enable us to trade our items at a very low price if compared to the topmost quality offered.

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